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Chemical Product Identification
Product Name: Fast Red B Base
CAS No.: 97-52-9
C. I. No.: 37125
Synonyms: 2 Methoxy 4 Nitroaniline PNOA
5 Nitro 2 aminoanisole
4 Nitro Ortho Anisidine
2 Amino 5 Nitroaniline
2 Amino 5 Nitroanisole
5 nitro 2 Anisidine
Azoic diazo component 5
Azoic diazo no.5
Structure formula
Solubility in water: Slightly soluble
Appearance: bright yellow powder
Molecular Weight: 168.15
Melting Point:
139.5 - 140.5C
  • 1) Used in Manufacturing of Pigment yellow 74 for highway guard strips paints.
  • 2) Dyeing of cotton fabrics with various naphthols to obtain more than 15 shades.
  • 3) Also used in Dyeing and printing of cotton weaving products
  • 4) And also used for Dyeing silk, mucilage glue fibre, and Terylene.
  • 5) In manufacture of pigments for flush colors in USA (utilised on soft drink cans)

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