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Chemical Product Identification
Product Name : Ortho Anisidine
CAS No. : 90-04-0
Synonym: 2-Methoxyaniline, 2-anisidine, 2-Aminoanisole, ortho-aminoanisole, ortho methoxyaniline, 2-methoxyphenylamine, 1-Amino-2-methoxybenzene, ortho-Anisylamine, 2-Methoxy-1-aminobenzene, 2-Methoxybenzenamine
structure formula:
Appearance: buff color/ yellow liquid
Molecular Weight:
123.15 g mol-1
fridge point:
6.3 centigrade
  • 1) It is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes.
  • 2) 83 % of o anisdine are used to used to processed to yellow azo pigments (ordered by decreasing industrialimportance) Pigment Yellow 74 (CAS No. 6358-31-2), Pigment Yellow 65(CAS No. 6528-34-3),Pigment Yellow 17 (CAS No. 4531-49-1) and Pigment Yellow 73 (CAS No. 13515-40-7).
  • 3) 4 % of o anisdine are used to processed to red azo pigments: Pigment Red 15(CAS No. 6410-39-5), Pigment Red 119 (CAS No.61968-80-7 or 72066-77-4), Pigment Red 188 (CAS No. 61847-48-1), Pigment Red 261 (CAS No.16195-23-6), Pigment Red 9 (CAS No. 6410-38-4).
  • 4) The followingdyes have to be considered as o-anisidine products: Acid Red 4 (CAS No. 5858-39-9), Acid Red 5CAS No. 5858-63-9), Acid Red 107 (CAS No. 6416-33-7), Acid Red 264 (CAS No. 6505-96-0),Basic Red 76 (CAS No. 68391-30-0), Acid Violet 12 (CAS No.6625-46-3), Direct Yellow 118,Direct Yellow 120, Direct Yellow 132 (CAS No.61968-26-1), Direct Red 24 (CAS No. 25188-08-3), Direct Red 26 (CAS No. 3687-80-7), Direct Red 72 (CAS No. 8005-64-9), Direct Red 123CAS No. 6470-23-1), and Food Red 16 (CAS No. 1229-55-6) (RAR, 2002).
  • 5)o-anisidine may be also used for the manufacture of guaiacol and vanillin
  • 5) An azo pigment based on o-anisidine, which iscommonly used for tattooing is Pigment Yellow 74 (C.I. 11471, CAS No. 6358-31-2).
  • 6) o-Anisidine based azo colorants are used inprinting inks for paper articles like books, packings,wallpapers.
  • 7) o-Anisidine may be a constituent of dyed and printed polymers, and especially in printed packing foils.
  • 8) o-Anisidine may be a component in painted and printed metal articles, and especially in printedaluminum foils

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